In the beginning there was…

Let’s be blunt, there’s nothing worse than a load of drone jargon, and it’s not all about the drones.

iSky was formed in 2013 by two friends, Mark Armistead and Anthony Chapman who started working towards building the business and gaining the CAA permissions to fly commercially within the UK. Unfortunately Anthony sadly passed away but Mark was determined to continue on with what they’d started together. Over the following years Mark has established up a growing reputation within the creative and media industry which has seen work completed across the range of disciplines.

Having worked on very large, public facing projects, several films and many broadcast productions, Mark understands the needs and processes working within a small, or large film set or smaller film crews. Super fast and safe deployment has become a speciality over the years which is a time saver when against a deadline.

Past project have included C4’s Walking With Dogs, the BBC’s A History of Black Britain and more recently We Are England. Plus several low budget and theatre releases such as Tales From The Lodge staring Jonny Vagas and Mackenzie Crook.

We Are England